Saturday, April 22, 2017

CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program

Accepting Applications for Cohort #6

The CLEAR Leadersip Mentoring Program is accepting 
applications for its sixth cohort!  

The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research (CLEAR) Leadership Mentoring Program provides participants with an opportunity to participate in a formal and structured mentoring program. Mentors and protégés work together to develop goals and objectives that guide each towards a more meaningful leadership experience whereby participants combine professional learning and mentoring to grow and succeed as a leader. The CLEAR Leadership Mentoring Program develops a "mentoring culture" whereby mentors and protégés, together with other like-minded leaders, seize upon the opportunity to participate in continuous leadership relationship building and professional development in order to implement and participate in "Praxis" or "Intentional Activism," meant to change the manner in which "things have always been done."

Who can apply?
We are looking for mentors with leadership experience. Someone that:
* Inspires trust
* Maintains their commitment to the protégé and to the program
* Provides guidance without dictating actions
* Offers both constructive criticism and praise
* Is a good role model in both actions and manner of communitcation

Someone that has leadership experience and:
* Inspires to gain additional leadership experience
* Is committed to both the mentoring relationship and to the program
* Has the courage to try new things
* Accepts responsibility
* Learns from their mistakes
When does the Mentoring Program start?
The next cohort begins August 2017. 
How much is the program?
There is a $100.00 yearly membership contribution to CLEAR in order to cover incidental program costs.

Questions, please contact Dr. Ken Magdaleno at kmagdaleno@clearvoz.com 
or Felicia Olais at folais@clearvoz.com

Friday, April 21, 2017

Reframing Hispanic Serving Institutions

Reframing Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): A Counterstory of a “Latinized” Institution in the Midwest

by Gina A. Garcia, Jenesis J. Ramirez, Oscar E. Patrón,and Oscar Medina (University of Pittsburgh)

A new research brief has been published is to reframe the research and policy perspective on Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). Specifically, we answer the following question: What does a “Latinized” postsecondary institution look like?  This report is based on qualitative interview data from a multi-site case study of three HSIs in the Midwest. Rather than looking at data that are typically used to determine an institution’s value and prestige (i.e., SAT/ACT scores, selectivity, graduation rates, persistence rates), here we use the participants’ stories in order to make sense of what it means, beyond White normative standards, to effectively serve Latinx students. We use a critical race counter story methodology to tell a story about HSIs from an assets-based perspective.

Read the entire research brief here...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Fight Is Far From Over

National Council of La Raza

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still the law of the land. However, the fight to protect and defend our health care is not over. 
That’s because certain Members of Congress want to revive the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill that would cut Medicaid by $880 billion over 10 years and leave 24 million Americans — including Latinos, children, and seniors—without health insurance. Just 17% of Americans support this bill, yet some members want to make it even worse
Lives are on the line, and the time to act is now! 
From now until April 23, members are in their districts for the April congressional recess. While they’re back home, they need to hear from YOU. 
Here’s what you can do TODAY to make sure your representatives reject the American Health Care Act (AHCA), permanently!
  1. Turn out to town halls or other events.  Find out if your member is holding a town hall or other public event—here, and tell them that your health is too important to gamble on. No town hall? Set up a district meeting
  2. Get your member on the record. Access to basic health services is on the line. Tell your member to recommit to opposing efforts to cut health coverage, increase costs, or eliminate basic services – like cancer screenings and prescription drugs. You can get some ideas for questions— here.
  3. Hold your member accountable. Nearly 100 members came out in support of taking coverage away from millions of Americans. They need to hear directly from you about what that means at public events, letters to the editor, calls to their offices, and social media. If your member opposed this effort, make sure to thank them and encourage them to keep opposing this bad bill.
  4. Need some help with what to say? Here are some talking points to get you started.
We must protect and defend against these threats to our health care. Tell your representatives to permanently reject the AHCA today!

Steven Lopez
Manager, Health Policy Project

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Great Job, Jon Ossoff

Last night, Jon Ossoff won a commanding victory in Georgia's 6th congressional district.

Now, he's up against Karen Handel, the Republican who finished second, in a runoff election in just 62 days. If she wins, she'll be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump's agenda in Congress.

But if we go all-in and elect Jon, we'll turn Georgia's 6th district blue for the first time in 38 years and send a big, loud message to Donald and the Republicans who are backing him that Democrats are fired up and ready to fight.

I'm committed to standing with Jon Ossoff and candidates like him who are fighting for our party's values across the country -- so I'm counting on grassroots supporters like you to get Jon's back.

Jon won an impressive race yesterday, but he needs to do it again and soon, on June 20th. In any election, an early donation goes a lot further than a late one. That's especially true in a race like this one that will happen over just two months.



Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

Monday, April 3, 2017

Urge Your Senators To Vote No On Judge Neil Gorsuch


The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court pick despite his extreme record and evasive performance at his recent hearing.
The full Senate will vote on whether to put Judge Neil Gorsuch on the closely divided Supreme Court this Thursday. It’s up to your senators to protect the decisive ninth seat.

Call your senators now at 1-888-877-2040 and urge them to vote NO.
The way political campaigns are funded in the U.S. enables big money donors—not regular voters—to decide who runs for office, who wins, and what issues get attention from elected officials. Neil Gorsuch thinks that’s just fine. His actions as a federal judge have expanded First Amendment rights for corporations. His record is one that serves the wealthy and powerful over everyday working people.

Please call your senators at 1-888-877-2040 and tell them to vote NO on Gorsuch’s confirmation.
Our phone calls helped prevent the confirmation of fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary. Our calls helped doom the GOP’s health care bill. And our calls can prevent Judge Gorsuch from gaining a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court.
We need a Supreme Court justice who recognizes that the strength of our voices cannot depend upon the size of our wallets. That’s not Neil Gorsuch.

Your phone is a tool of resistance. Call 1-888-877-2040 today and tell your senators to vote NO on Gorsuch.
P.S. Did you have a chance to watch Demos President Heather McGhee testify against Judge Gorsuch at his hearing? Check out her powerful case against Trump’s pick.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jon Ossoff For Congress

"I’m running for Congress because I believe we all have to stand up, right now, and fight for progress — for our prosperity and health, our civil rights and civil liberties, and our security." - Jon Ossoff

Don't wait until 2018 -- or 2020 -- to fight back against Donald Trump.

Jon Ossoff’s special election this spring is the FIRST competitive Congressional
Luis Valentino
Jon Ossoff for Congress
race of the Trump era.
Winning would send shockwaves through Congress and hand Donald Trump his first defeat.

This race is going to be tough -- and Donald Trump isn’t going to go down without a fight.

But here’s the good news: Trump only won Georgia’s 6th district by 1 percentage point. That’s the slimmest margin of victory for a Republican in years!!

The tide is shifting in our favor. And if we get to work right now, we can flip this seat from red to blue.

Civil rights icon John Lewis has already endorsed Jon’s historic campaign. Now, we need you to join us too.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Obama Care Opposition and Women's Healthcare

Katie Hogan,  Executive Director of Organizing for Action is sharing her comments on the Obama Care repeal and replace efforts, and women's healthcare.   There is still time to take action by calling your Representatives.

This is the group that is deciding the future of women's health care.

In this room, top opponents of Obamacare met yesterday to try to hammer out last-minute changes to their disastrous repeal bill.

The first version of the bill already had plenty of unnerving provisions. It would hike costs for families who need help the most. It would cut off all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides crucial health services to millions of women every year. And of course, it would leave 24 million fewer people insured, in large part by pushing millions of low-income Americans off of Medicaid. That means that on top of everything else, many poor women would lose their access to free contraception that was guaranteed under Obamacare to everyone with insurance.

Repealing Obamacare would be a disaster for women's health, but there is still time to call your representative and make your support of this law known. Use OFA's online tool to call your representative before they vote on repeal today.

Apparently, all of the provisions above still didn't go far enough for some members of the House, so they gathered in this room to make some additional changes. In an effort to win a few more votes, the congressmen in the room urged the White House to scrap the "Essential Health Benefits" provision, which requires all insurance plans to cover certain critical services.

So what exactly would scrapping these benefits mean? Well, among other things:
  • Insurers would no longer be required to cover pregnancy, maternity, or newborn care, making it much more costly and more difficult to obtain.
  • Preventative care, like mammograms, Pap smears, and birth control would no longer be free and guaranteed.
  • A return to the days where insurers can impose lifetime limits on patients with expensive illnesses.
Taken together, there's no way around it -- these changes would once again make being a woman a pre-existing condition. These members of Congress took a bill that would already wreak havoc on the lives of millions of Americans and worked to gut its most important remaining protections, with women set to disproportionately pay the price.

The policies they pushed might make sense to the people in that room, but America doesn't look a whole lot like that room. Some of us don't want our essential health benefits ripped away from us.

Call your representative:

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