Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Conversation on Race

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Now, more than ever, we must continue to have conversations on race, culture, equity, etc. I am learning that the fear of doing so is much less impactful than the result of not having the conversations and training. Please note this Op-Doc from the New York Times on "A Conversation with Native Americans on Race." 


"Be the voice, not the echo..." 
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Calling All Citizen Leaders: The People's House Project

Calling All Citizen Leaders

The People's House Project looking for citizen leaders with warriors’ hearts to take back the House for the People. If you are new to politics, we welcome you. If you are a first time candidate, we can help you amplify your voice and values. If you are nervous about taking this leap, we can help you prepare for the jump and support you along the way.

The Problem

America is at a time of massive transition. Our working class is under attack thanks to the forces of automation, globalization, and greed. At the very moment when we most need our government to chart a new course, our elected leaders have turned their backs on the American people. They have attacked everything that’s dear to us from our health, to our earned living, to our bedrock values as a nation of immigrants. No more.
To fight back against these forces, we need a Democratic Party that will stand unbowed in its historic role as the champion of the people. Far too many have lost faith that the Democratic Party will truly fight for them while others have been uninspired by a vision that lacks clarity and boldness. We must win back the trust of these voters. To do so, we must support candidates who offer an alternative vision for the country based on working class solidarity and respect for the dignity of every American.
Even in difficult districts, we must compete with real campaigns and strong candidates to begin to rebuild organizing infrastructure and pave the way back to success for the true champions of the working class. That’s why the People’s House Project will incubate and accelerate candidates in every Republican held congressional district in our targeted region of Midwestern and Appalachian states.

Time to Fight

We are looking for citizen leaders with warrior’s hearts to take back the House for the People. If you are new to politics, we welcome you. If you are a first time candidate, we can help you amplify your voice and values. If you are nervous about taking this leap, we can help you prepare for the jump and support you along the way. One day our children will ask us what we did for our country in this time of great peril and uncertainty.  Join us to restore the House of Representatives to our Founders’ original vision. Join us to reclaim the House of Representatives for the People.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Reflection on our Life's Journey

As we move through our life's journey, we value the opportunity to stop and reflect on where we've been, and where we're headed.  Standing still long enough to integrate that into where we are today helps to remind us of what worked and what didn't, what matters and what doesn't, and how that can translate into the decisions we make moving forward.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Elaine DiMasi Represents Progressive, Evidence Based Policy for New York's 1st



Why you should support Elaine DiMasi for Congress

I’m Elaine DiMasi, and I’m exploring a run for Congress in New York’s 1st because I can see what's possible - Congress can collaborate, embrace science, and achieve prosperity for all. As a scientist I am trained to overcome the obstacles of bias and see problems for what they truly are, then find the best solution. I will apply this approach to finding answers to the problems we face - so that we can all get back to work.
Lee Zeldin is out of touch with Long Islanders, who know that fair access to health care is a necessity. Zeldin's approach for our economy rolls back protections against another big-bank crash. His many anti-environmental actions include prohibiting the U.S. Military from continuing to research and prepare for the effects climate change will have on military installations.
My message to Long Islanders:
  • Let’s re-energize our businesses! We can bring the best clean energy incentives to Long Island, creating high-tech companies and lowering energy costs for all businesses. At the same time, we can right-size the regulations, with protections, informed by the best science, that work.
  • Let’s reach our full potential! We can grow our Trade Schools into a third strong pillar to stand beside our renowned K-12 system and our world class colleges and universities. I envision a network of Trade Schools that will be the envy of the nation. And, let us keep working to guarantee healthcare for all.
  • Let’s commit to clean water! We must continue to protect our aquifers and our beaches. Suffolk County’s 1.5 million residents have hundreds of miles of shoreline in our care. Solutions developed here can save the world. Long Island can champion truthful, practical climate policy.
My commitment to science will find answers, not create new categories of winners and losers. As a physicist, I am committed to truth, using research and data to find it. Together, we can advance healthcare, women’s and LGBT rights, environment, gun control, and criminal justice reform. Donate today and let's get to work!


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brewing employment opportunities for those with disabilities

CNN checks in at Bitty & Beau’s Coffee in Wilmington, North Carolina to learn more about what makes the coffee shop special. The local fixture’s popularity is due to its workforce. The shop mostly employs people with mental or developmental disability, ranging from Down syndrome and autism to cerebral palsy. It’s the first chance at employment for many, and their sense of accomplishment and joy is definitely present in each cup they serve. Click here to read more.