Friday, April 29, 2016

Urban Prep: Proving Again That African American Males Can Succeed

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Urban Prep Academy
Congratulations to the boys at Urban Prep Charter Academy for keeping hope alive and preparing 100% of its senior class to serve as the next generation of African American male leaders.  Over the past 7 years, Urban Prep has sent 100% of its graduates to a college or university.  That is a
remarkable feat, and one that should not only be celebrated but emulated across the country.

Far too many of our men of color are failing to enroll in college, primarily because they are not well prepared. And given the example at Urban Prep Charter Academy, I doubt that we can blame it all on poverty or maleness, or lack of commitment or interest.  It has to do with the adults who serve them believe in them.  Their motto "We Believe" is practiced on a daily basis.  They are their brothers' keeper.  Tim King, Founder of Urban prep Charter Academy summed it up this way.

“Every year, I’m just wowed by these young men, by what they are doing... We started Urban Prep with the goal of moving the needle when it comes to black male achievement and these guys proved to me, the city and the world every year, that we did the right thing when we founded Urban Prep ten years ago.”

Yesterday, in our Wiredprofiles digest, I wrote about Professor Chris Emdin, author of the book For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood...and The Rest of Y'all Too, and an interview he did with Mother Jones.  In his interview, Dr. Emdin spoke to the need for greater understanding and respect for the lives of our students of color, in particular young African-American males.  Student potential is there, as proven by Urban Prep and other institutions; what we as adults have to do is raise our consciousness, and begin to believe - in them.

You can read the curated article on Wiredprofiles: Education's Daily Digest

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