Monday, February 8, 2021

Finding Balance In Your Life


As a leader, you lead very demanding and challenging lives.  While we are busy serving others, you fail to bring peace to your life. One way of achieving peace is by seeking a more balanced life, by keeping a more balanced schedule. You need to have greater clarity of mind to discern how you apply your energy, how you interact, and how you delegate. 


Keeping your life in balance allows you greater peace of mind and rest.  Considerations you must make,

  • value your rest time because it enables you to recharge my body and rejuvenate my soul. Making time for relaxation is equally important as the other to-dos on your daily agenda,
  • differentiate between that which I am called to do and that which I simply desire to do. I understand that just because I can do something does not mean I should do it.
  • put aside some minor responsibilities and other activities. The benefits of living a balanced life are worth the sacrifices of letting go of some things you believe you must do, or want to do. Playing the long game in your life versus focusing on the short game, can bring about greater mental and emotional health.
  • find within yourself the courage to candidly confront the reality of your intentions. Bring clarity of purpose to your life. Define what matters, and agree to spend 80% of your time on the 20% of the tasks that will improve your quality of life. Prioritize your values and fill your time with those things first.
  • make time your schedule for yourself. Be intentional about getting exercise, eating right, and sleeping well. At the end of the day, you should fall asleep comforted that you have taken steps to improve the quality of your life. Taking care of your mind and body enables you to have more strength to fulfill your calling. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How will you make time in your schedule for rest and exercise?
  2. What will you adjust your plans to give yourself adequate time for sleep?
  3. What changes will you make to your diet?


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