Friday, March 10, 2017

Kudos: Broward County School Board in True Service to Students

Across the United States, School District Boards are taking bold steps to protect their undocumented students, as well as students of undocumented parents.  These actions are in direct response to President Trump’s administration immigration policy changes.  More recently, a South Florida School Board took bold steps to protect the students of their undocumented parents, faced with deportation.

On Tuesday, the School Board, which serves ?? of Broward County’s students, adopted a resolution which would protect students from Custom Enforcement agents from entering a school, or school-sponsored event, without a warrant. Any requests for access will be directed to the district’s attorney.  The board has also taken on the responsibility of working with community organizations and families to develop a plan for students when their parents are deported.

What is your school district's policy regarding undocumented students, or students from undocumented parents?  If it is not serving all students, please encourage them to take a bold stand.  

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