Thursday, March 9, 2017

Superintendents on the ACSA PAC: Educational Advocacy

     The Association of California School Administrators is the largest school leader organization in the United States which serves more than 17,000 educators. I was a member of ACSA during my career in California public education, and found it to be a great support.  And given today’s public education environment, there is no more important time to be a part of this organization.
     The first priority of ACSA is to advocate for students in our public schools, K – 12, and adult learners. Our mission is to serve as a driving force of education in California and beyond.  ACSA serves its members in seeking justice and excellence to meet the diverse needs of all students in California.
     The ACSA PAC ensures that the voices of its members are heard on a political level.  By providing a place at the table for education officials, their voices are heard on political issues affecting all 6.2 million students in California.  Donation to PAC is a great way to support the work done ACSA in California. Just go to www.acsa.org/donate and create your monthly donation.

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