Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stop the Senate’s secret “health care” plan


 By now you’ve probably heard that the House-passed “health care” bill would rob 23 million Americans of health insurance, push up premiums for those who keep it, and degrade the protections even employer-sponsored insurance provides.

But you may not be aware of the other ways Trumpcare would damage working families and our economy.

EPI research shows that Trumpcare’s cuts to Medicaid and insurance subsidies would drag down job-growth by more than a million jobs by 2020, and even more thereafter. Our research has shown that this job loss would occur in every state and the vast majority of Congressional Districts.

We have also shown that out-of-pocket costs like premiums, deductibles and co-pays would rise by a whopping $33 billion per year if the House plan was passed by the Senate. These costs would rise largely because key regulations forcing better behavior from health insurers―that were part of the Affordable Care Act―would be stripped away.

Sign the petition telling the U.S. Senate to reject the American Health Care Act and protect the health care of millions of working people.

We cannot allow a tax cut for the rich and corporations to masquerade as “health reform,” when in fact all it does it rob Americans of insurance, raise out-of-pocket costs by tens of billions, and slow the economy and job growth.

Stand with the EPI Policy Center to reject the Senate’s “health care” repeal legislation that would make health care unaffordable for working families, older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions.

Thank you for demanding an economy and a health care system that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.


Liz Rose
Communications Director, EPI Policy Center

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