Monday, July 10, 2017

This Army vet wants to unseat one of Donald Trump’s yes-men

A progressive Army veteran is considering challenging “one of Donald Trump's most devoted and unquestioning yes-men in Congress”

Meet Joe Miguez

The context from Joe Miguez’s campaign:

Being a Congressman takes “guts, backbone, common sense, and a core belief that our government should fight for all of us, not just a privileged few. On each of those points, Rep. Michael McCaul has failed. For over a decade, he has placed the wants of the super-wealthy and well-connected over the needs of Texas families.”

He's opposed Democratic initiatives and ideas, no matter how much they'd help Texans, and supported Republican ones, no matter how much they'd hurt us. And he's been one of Donald Trump's most devoted and unquestioning yes-men in Congress…[making] Texas less free, less fair, and less safe.

I’m an Army veteran, a former military intelligence analyst specializing in Middle East affairs, a member of the City of Austin Human Rights Commission, a lifelong progressive Democrat, a proud husband, and father of two beautiful daughters.

I’m seriously considering running for Congress so I can fight for the citizens of Texas's 10th Congressional District, and be your voice in Washington.”

You can contribute to Joe’s campaign here.

More about the candidate:

An Army veteran, Joe wants to “work tirelessly as a voice for all of us, not just Republican or Democrat, not just those with the most money or best lobbyists, to ensure that we all have a fair chance at safe, happy, and prosperous lives.”

A sense of duty has guided me throughout mylife, first as a soldier, then as a husband, a father, and a citizen. It now compels me to throw my hat in the ring, to fight for everyone.

I'm under no illusions.

Winning this fight won't be easy. It'll require every single one of you who cares about the issues I've described to get out and vote. It will require every ounce of energy you can give, whether that's spent registering voters, knocking on doors, and fighting to get our message out. And it will require money--a whole lot of it.

Michael McCaul has a massive family fortune, and we know his deep-pocketed corporate supporters will spare no expense to keep their grasp on power. And we will be fighting on a gerrymandered battlefield, one that was specifically designed to give Republican leadership free reign to ignore and marginalize us with impunity. To prevail, and to give this district the leadership it deserves, we will have to fight harder and smarter than we've ever fought, and raise every penny we can possibly raise.

But I know that, together, we can win.”

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