Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How Students Learn Best. A Revisit.

How do students learn best?  There are dozens of theories and practices that have defined how we can best help students learn in order for them to achieve the stated objectives.  As a result, entire industries have flourished around this question, seeking answers.  The issue, however, goes beyond what we implement or apply.  It starts with how we think about the life of a student in school, how they view their experience, and whether or not we are taking advantage of that view in helping them learn.

Will Richardson, former teacher, who now travels the world speaking on this issue, believe that part our struggle in helping students learn is that “the current context demands a radically different vision of learning”, and we have not adapted.   But how will our vision for students be different than what we have in our schools and districts now?  What systems, structures, and processes, will we need to reimagine in order to more effectively help students learn?

In today’s Wiredprofiles, we highlight an article on this topic by Katrina Schwartz, How Can Schools Prioritize For The Best Ways Kids Learn?

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