Thursday, July 14, 2016

TEDTalks to Challenge Your Thinking

TEDTalks has been an important learning and entertainment medium for many, including myself.  The valuable stories told by individuals from wall walks of life, sharing incredible ideas,  pushing our thinking in fun and interesting ways, have served as topics for rich conversations. 

One of my favorite TEDTalks was Ken Robinson’s, “Do Schools Kill Creativity?“  Much has been debated about his presentation since he gave it, both good and bad.  But for me, the idea that we have the power to move and inspire future generations, and often make choices that don’t,  caused a deep reaction in me.  And there are other TEDTalks that are as powerful that I am sure you have seen. 

In today’s Wiredprofiles, we highlight an article about TEDTalks curated by George Couros,  4 Great Ted Talks That Will Challenge Your Thinking.

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